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We will save you time and worry by providing offers from different banks and advice on which loan package best satisfies your needs.

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What does a mortgage broker do?

A mortgage broker helps you organize and prepare all necessary documents needed to get a loan, delivers your documents to competitive banks, and works with you to choose the best offer.

How we work:

Professional mortgage brokers are aware of terms & conditions of bank credit agreements, finance rates, current promotions, and constantly follow news and changes in the credit market.

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Can you give advice on any kind of loan?
Is the work of a mortgage broker similar to that of an insurance broker?

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A friend told me about mortgage brokerage. I had chosen an apartment and needed a loan. I applied to my bank and a couple of others, but soon realized that the whole thing is confusing and takes a lot of time. That’s when my friend told me about a mortgage broker, and soon I had offers from several banks....

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